Prime Loops – Complete 808 & 909 Drum Machines (WAV)

By | August 15, 2016

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All the 808 Drum Samples & 909 Drum Samples have been recorded directly from our in-studio 808 & 909 Drum Machine consoles. The 808 & 909 Drum Machine sounds are a legend in their own right, with it being nearly impossible to actually get hold of a real 808 or 909 Drum machine, the drum sounds found within this sought after sound suite offer the full original archive.

The drums have been recorded in pristine condition, and not processed or altered in any way so that you can load up the truly amazing sound of the 808 + 909 Drum Machines as they were originally intended. Alongside the high quality .wav drum hits, you also have an option of choosing kits including all Kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats, Toms, Percussion etc, for your favourite sampler, including 808/909 kits for: Halion,Kontakt, Emu X2, Reason Refill, Battery, Sonar, EXS24 and more.

Many providers offer simulations of the 808 + 909 sound, and you may end up with incomplete, lo-fi and un-useable sounds. There are very few that can offer genuine recordings of the entire drum machine’s collection (over 290 drum samples) so we are confident when we say this is the real deal!

The Famous 808 bass drum sounds, mixed with the crisp, cutting 909 Snares have been used by top producers around the world time and time again, with proven results, the 808 + 909 drum drops have graced many hits, and no doubt many more to come….

These drum sounds are essential for any electronic music creation from studio to stage, if you produce modern music, the 808 + 909 Drum Machine Kits are quite simply a must have.


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