Cableguys – ShaperBox v3.5.1 – CE-V.R (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | June 1, 2024


Year/Date of Issue: 05/03/2024
Version: 3.5.1
Developer: Cableguys
Developer website: Cableguys
Format: VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Cured
System requirements: Win 7, 8, 10, 11. Mac OS X 10.13 or later.

Description :
ShaperBox 3 is the perfect plugin for modern mixes and endless inspiration.

Key Features and Capabilities :

What is ShaperBox?
Shaper Box is your essential tool for rhythmic inspiration, musical movement, and mixing magic.
Ten powerful Cableguys shaper effects are combined into one convenient, modern interface.

NEW! Now with Reverb Shaper rhythmic space machine

Break away from your routine.
No more waiting for inspiration to strike you! Create endless variations of any sound using your browser,
which makes it easy to find the presets you need. Eliminate interruptions, glitches, stuttering, distortion, gain and more.

Make your music move.
Capture emotion in your songs with easy-to-use low-frequency cues, dynamic envelopes, and new sound effects.
Create rhythmic effects that respond to your music, or give it a completely new sound.

Solve complex mixing problems.
Give your sound incredible detail with 3-way multi-band settings for each effect.
Apply targeted enhancements or erase problematic elements of your mix. Complex mixing made simple.

Changelog: v3.5.1 – May 1, 2024 :
• New: Presets can be saved and loaded in FXP format via the main menu.
• New: A Favorites section in the Wave Presets area to store custom LFO waveform settings for each driver.
They are available globally across all instances of ShaperBox on your computer. Main menu items for import/export of favorite Waves
let you manage and back up your files, as well as transfer your favorite files to and from other computers.
• Improved: Custom launch settings can now be saved directly from the main menu.
• Improved: Copy/paste of LFO signals now works globally in all versions of ShaperBox, FilterShaper XL and MidiShaper released after April 2024.
• Improved: Clearer layout for MIDI switch mode, with notes that light up to indicate held MIDI notes, and waveform colors that reflect the current shaper when selected.
• Fixed: When audio input and output were disabled for more than a second, MIDI triggers were ignored.
• Fixed: In rare cases, deleting or switching to another shaper could cause a crash.
• Fixed: MIDI Pitch mode could stop responding to MIDI notes if the LFO was previously set to Audio mode.
• Fixed: MIDI Pitch mode reverted to default note when transmitting was stopped.
• Fixed: In certain situations, TimeShaper could click the mouse or create artifacts at the end of the 1st frame of the LFO.
• Fixed: The red marker in the Timeshaper visualizer continued to be displayed after the end of the 1st frame of the LFO.
• Fixed: Removing a shaper did not remove its assignment to a MIDI switch in the Wave palette.
• Fixed: A wave might not be selected correctly in the Wave palette.
• Fixed: The “No MIDI triggers detected” notification did not work correctly in LFO Pitch mode.
• Fixed: “No MIDI/Audio Triggers Detected” notification did not go away until the second MIDI/Audio event was detected.
• Fixed: After loading certain presets, a “preset changed” asterisk was displayed despite there being no changes.

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