Avid – Pro Tools 2021.7.0 [WiN x64]

By | November 14, 2021


Year / Release Date: 08/05/2021
Version: 2021.7.0
Developer: Avid
Developer site: avid
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tablet: RETAiL
System requirements: Intel® PC Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Enterprise 64-bit Editions
Windows 10 for Workstations supported on Intel® Xeon processor-equipped machines
16GB RAM (32GB or more recommended)
Compatible NVIDIA graphics card
Account in iLok License Manager + free Pro Tools First license

Description: Pro Tools is a professional audio application that provides the user with the necessary and extremely convenient tools for recording, editing and mixing sound and music.
Pro Tools is the most popular non-linear editing software for audio professionals in the entertainment industry. In every segment of filmmaking, broadcasting and video streaming, professionals around the world rely on Avid. Whether you’re a newcomer to music production, an independent professional, or an experienced production professional who is used to working in a team, Pro Tools will help you unleash your creativity and achieve incredible sounding recordings.

Create at the Speed ​​of Inspiration – From enhanced MIDI editing and retrospective MIDI capture, to presets that let you capture your favorite instrument sounds and effects, Pro Tools is there to support you in every endeavor. Pro Tools delivers the best sound to your tracks, which is why the best musicians and sound professionals choose this program for their work.

Fast and efficient work – When project deadlines are approaching inevitably, Pro Tools offers powerful tools that will significantly save you time and streamline your workflow. Whether you’re creating music or writing a motion picture soundtrack (on your own or collaborating with colleagues both in the studio and through the cloud), Pro Tools will maximize your productivity by inspiring you and keeping you completely focused on the project.

Stay Ahead – Avid is committed to making Pro Tools the best creative software. That is why Avid continuously releases updates and additional features for all versions of Pro Tools with an active support plan (included in the Perpetual licenses) throughout the year. This ensures that users always have access to the latest software and expert technical support. Sophisticated sounding great mixes – Pro Tools has all the tools you need to create professional-grade music and sounds. With powerful recording capabilities, full MIDI support, part editing tools, studio-quality sound processors, and full mixing automation, Pro Tools is the fastest and most flexible program for writing, editing and mixing scale projects with up to 128 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 512 MIDI tracks.

Fast and Creative Mixing – Pro Tools lets you mix music or soundtracks quickly and easily with tools such as VCA Masters, Track Freeze, and professional waveforms. Users will even have the opportunity to see an alternate version of a song or soundtrack with Project Revisions. Remote control can be done from your iPad with the free Pro Tools | Control.

Achieve the best sound – Pro Tools is renowned for the sound the software brings to your songs, whether you’re creating music via an audio interface or directly from your computer. Users will benefit from a powerful tool such as QuickPunch recording, which will eliminate mistakes in recording without causing new inconsistencies.

Get More Creativity With Professional Plugins – Give your tracks a better look with over 60 included AAX plugins. With high-quality equalizers, speakers and guitar amp emulators, you will have the power to enhance and fine-tune your sound. Want more? Visit the Marketplace app to purchase additional plugins, or get the complete set with the Avid Complete Plug-in bundle.

1. Install Pro Tools 2021.7.0
2. Obtain a free Pro Tools First license on the manufacturer’s website
3. Launch the iLok License Manager installed by the vending machine along with Pro Tools, log into your account, activate Pro Tools First license
4. From folder Avid Pro Tools v2021.7.0 RETAIL-R2R LEGIT.AAX.UNLOCK.ONLY.INTERNAL-R2R With PT First License ProTools copy with replacement ProTools.dll and ProTools.exe
to :
C: Program Files Avid Pro Tools

* Mainly for ProTools HD / Ultimate
legit users.
* You can use modified (tampered)
AAX with this release.
* Optional patches (pre decrypted DLL and
AAX files) are included. They save
you about 500 + MB RAM (maximum) and
provide noticable performance
improvement like other R2R iLok
* It doesn’t affect the stability and
reliability because it’s using
your legit license for the main
* (Bonus) Special optional files are
included, which allows you to run
with free ProTools First license.
There are some limitation with this
usage (No Video, No HEAT and more),
but you run it on offline computer
Just regard as a bonus!
A gong is waiting for something …

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