ARIA Sound – London Solo Cello (KONTAKT)

By | December 2, 2023


Publisher: ARIA Sound

Description: This library was sampled in the same London concert hall as LSS Violin and features a fantastic musician who brought his utmost taste, musicality and emotion into the recording. The result is very much a living, breathing instrument. Three legato modes were sampled – slurred, bowed and portamento. They are easily switched during use using the switch keys, and there is another extremely useful feature that we rarely see in string libraries – the ability to change bows on the same note. Simply hold the note you want to bow on and press the low G key.
Staccato and the full range of trills are also included. Staccato has 24 variations per note and, so that the sound is never repeated, there is also the ability to switch.
Another feature is the ability to change the release while the last note is playing or when it stops playing. Soft release is the normal release of the bow from the string, but you can also select a hard release using the switch. This is the sound when a player ends a note with a sharp crescendo and a quick, accented bow lift.

Kontakt 4.2+

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