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By | December 4, 2015


C165a is an analog modeled emulation of a great VCA compressor.

Its simple interface and unique compression scheme are great for easy
compression, punch and sustain.

A very smooth limiter follows the compressor. It is transparent and increases
rms level, but when pushed hard it starts saturating with a nice and useful

The original compressor has been expanded with a sidechain unit which includes
sidechain filters and a sample-aligned dry-wet mix for immediate parallel


DDD is a stereo “dimension” chorus, modeled after a well known hardware rack

Chorus effect is achieved through analog delay devices, namely “BBD” Bucket
Brigade delay lines.

Several algorithms are aimed to give a track “dimension” and stereo width while
avoiding vibrato and typical pitch shifting effects.

All stages are modeled, including the companding section, an analog
expansion-compression system which optimizes the signal for the analog delay,
and the BBD lines with their level and frequency dependent sound.

An input gain control (balanced for constant output level), together with an
input level and a companding meter, gives control on the sound, from clean to
dirty, while providing an inside view on the internal processing.


“Grasso” (Italian for “Fat”) is an effect for saturation, drive, compression,
from subtle to distortion. A mixing and mastering effect.

– tube-modeling.
– level-independent dynamics.
– level-independent dynamic filtering (on full signal, attack or decay).
– detailed control on tube circuits with several options.
– “spank” feature (post-drive dynamic response, on attack and decay).
– modeled “weak” power supply (more harmonics or “sagging”).
– special post drive expander for great dynamics.


MCAudioLab EQ1 is a passive EQ VST and AU plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X.
It’s a software emulation of the hardware EQ1.

With the software version you get a number of additional goodies: dual channel
operation (L-R or M-S) with linked or independent controls, switchable
tube/solid state power supply and master output level controls.


  • Single channel class A 3-band passive tube equalizer.
  • LF: shelving, typical Boost/Cut controls, stepped frequency
    selector (Boost 1x, Cut 10x).
  • HMF Boost: parametric, stepped frequency selector, Q control.
  • HF Cut: shelving, stepped frequency selector.
  • Extremely low distortion and noise floor, high headroom.
  • Tube make-up gain stage with Lundahl transformer in output.
  • 3-LED output level meter.
  • True bypass switch.
  • Separate Ground and Earth lift switches to avoid ground loops.
  • Optional solid state power supply (EQ1ch).


Rev250 is a reverb modeled after the first digital reverb.

Sounds very deep, with lots of attitude.

Mid-side balance for stereo width control.

Includes additional effects from the original units: chorus, phaser, delay.

All stages are emulated, including input conversion.

Gain control and meter, from lo-fi to clean.


Roundtone is a stereo/mono tape emulation software. It adds typical tape
recording interesting side-effects to every audio track.

Useful on single tracks (mono/stereo) and on submixes/mixes.
Very light on CPU and latency-free, adds punch, color and gently compresses
the sound.
Includes several algorithms (different tape, saturation curve, color,
“Emphasis” control adds color while preserving the high frequencies.
Includes an optional 2nd stage of saturation (head).

Changes in v3:
New “Bright Formula” and “Lo-Fi”
Stereo Tape Delay.
Wow and Flutter.
New B enhancer.
New meter.


Stagespace is a versatile and smooth algorithmic reverb with some unique

Envelope controls: “body” and “fade” for fuller options.

Use it as a clean, dense reverb or stress it.

Great for rooms and halls, adds depth without artifacts.


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